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picture of st albans roofingWith offices in St Albans, eRoofing Contractors specialise in providing high quality roofing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our team of expert roofers have many years of industry experience and can offer you a complete roofing service, ranging from minor roof repairs, such as replacing a few slates or tiles, to re-roofing an entire building. In addition to this, we pride ourselves in using the very best materials and guarantee outstanding results from start to finish.

Roofing Maintenance

Although roofs are designed to last for many years, many people think they don’t have to do anything to maintain them, perhaps for the lifetime they’re in a home or business premises. But, like anything in life, proper maintenance is required to keep things in good shape, and roofs are no exception.

This is especially true given the wet and often stormy weather in the UK that can often cause a great deal of damage to roofs. Slates and tiles can be blown off and guttering can get clogged up and damaged, causing all manner of problems for the interior of the property. You definitely don’t want your precious possessions destroyed by torrents of water coming through holes in your roof!

That’s why an annual inspection of a roof is always a good idea, so that in the lead-up to autumnal and winter storms, you can have peace of mind that the people in your house or office and your possessions are safe.

Roof Repairs

picture of st albans roof repairsIf your roof becomes damaged as a result of extreme weather or just general ageing, it is important that you have it fixed as soon as possible by a specialist roofer in order to prevent its condition from deteriorating, which will only lead to more complex repairs.

At eRoofing Contractors, we specialise in providing roof repairs in the St Albans area and our team regularly work on repairs both large and small, from lost tiles after a windy night to major leaks caused by significant roof deterioration.

With our extensive experience of installing and repairing roofs, we have dealt with a wide range of projects, although there are some that we tend to see again and again:

Weather damage

The great British weather can at times be very hard on our homes and the roof tends to take the brunt of the damage. Storms, high winds and heavy downpours can easily cause problems on roofs, and in snowy and icy weather we’re often called on to fix problems which have been caused by the cold. If you think your roof has been damaged by extreme weather, it’s best to get it looked at as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you think there is a problem.

Roof Leaks

We regularly see leaks in flat roof homes, particularly after heavy rainfall, but all roof types can experience leaks from time to time. Slipped tiles or deteriorating joint seams are the most common causes of leaks but the good news is that they’re relatively easy to fix. Make sure to consult us as soon as you notice a leak – no matter how small it is – in order to prevent it escalating into a bigger problem.

Damaged guttering

Although not technically a part of the roof, gutters are integral to roof maintenance as they direct water away from the property to prevent pooling and leaks. Damaged or blocked guttering can quickly lead to a build-up of water around your property, which can result in more complex problems, so be sure to keep your guttering in a good state of repair.

If you’ve noticed any of the problems outlined above on your property, or have any other concerns about the state of your roof, you must address it urgently. For a free estimate simply complete a brief estimate request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Flat Roofs

picture of st albans flat roofAt eRoofing Contractors, we are noticing an ever increasing demand for flat roofs in and around St Albans. What was once seen as an unreliable roofing type has now become a cost-effective solution due to the development of new materials and techniques to help minimise problems such as leaking and ponding.

We specialise in providing installation and maintenance of flat roofing for both commercial and domestic properties and have excellent knowledge of all flat roofing types, including lead sheet, liquid plastics, felt membranes and green roofs. Our team of roofing contractors are also incredibly skilled in repairing these roofs. Even the most modern, high quality flat roof will require maintenance to keep it in good condition. Here are some of the most common problems we come across:


Flat roofs are made up of several layers, so if you notice a stain on your upstairs ceiling, it could be caused by a leak anywhere on your roof, not necessarily directly above the stain. Repairing leaks is a reasonably easy job, so make sure to address it quickly before it causes major damage.


Sometimes roofs have trouble draining water into the gutters and this can cause rainwater to pool and sit for long periods of time. Ponding often leads to leaks and can cause significant damage to the roof, but with regular maintenance you can keep it at bay.

Gravel discolouration

Some types of flat roofs use gravel as an extra protective layer, but if it becomes discoloured in patches, it could be a sign that water has got under the gravel and is damaging the layers beneath. By having your roof checked and maintained you can avoid this problem or – if spotted – deal with it quickly before it becomes damaged.

Since flat roofs can be susceptible to water damage, it’s important that you keep on top of maintenance, so make sure to contact us to get a quote for our flat roof services. If you currently have a very old flat roof on your property, it could be worth investing in a complete refurbishment to ensure your building is protected from damage. To discuss the flat roofing materials and techniques we have available simply complete an enquiry form and we’ll be happy to talk over your options.

Advising you on the best roofing solution in St Albans

If your roof is just too old and no longer suitable, we can advise on the best re-roofing solution, and what’s more, our work will be guaranteed to last. Our team of St Albans based roofing contractors will work to ensure there’s minimal disruption as the re-roofing is being carried out, and we carry full public liability insurance in the event of anything going wrong. We also have teams of expert roofers in Watford and Stevenage.

Providing a full range of roof repairs, we can also correct problems with chimneys, guttering and brickwork, as well as installing roof insulation. So, if you’re looking for top-quality roofing contractors, who will deliver excellent results that last, we’ve got you covered. Simply fill in your details in the enquiry form and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate of how much the work will cost. You can even upload a photograph of your property to give us a better idea.

So go ahead and do it now and we’ll be in touch straight away with a no-nonsense, highly affordable roofing quote!


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